Crema de Queiso Azul

March 9, 2011

From Daniel’s files

While we’re thinking about cheese, here is a little tapas spread that is practically miraculous both in its simplicity and in its effect.   I admit it’s a little ugly.  Hard to deny that about a spread that’s gun-metal grey.  But it’s so delicious that hardly matters.   We use Valdeon, which is the intense blue cheese from Picos de Europa in Spain.

For each pound of room temperature Valdeon add a couple of tablespoons of cognac.  In a small bowl, cream them together completely.  Cover the bowl and leave the mixture to mature on your counter for a day or two, stirring from time to time.   When you’re ready to serve it, stir once more and transfer it into the prettiest bowl you have.  Serve with the best baguette you can find (warm, if possible) and big glasses of a really fat, ripe red Rioja wine.  Some Muscat grapes.  Maybe a plate of brightly dressed bitter greens.  Nobody’ll notice how ugly the cheese spread is.


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