Beurre d’Anchois

March 9, 2011

From Daniel’s files

Anchovy Butter is a classic of French cuisine and works beautifully on baguette plain or on canapés as base for other ingredients, such as shrimp and sweet pepper. 

Take 3 ounces of good anchovies and soak them for a few hours in cold water, changing the water every half hour or so, to desalt them a bit.  Otherwise I use marinated white anchovies to good effect.  Either way, dry the anchovies well.  The next step is to combine them, with mortar and pestle (classically) or in a food processor (at my house), with about 7 ounces of unsalted butter – sweetest possible.  Press the resulting mixture through a sieve or fine strainer.  Serve on slices of warm baguette or on canapés as desired.


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